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No One Needs To Panic If They Are Prepared


Preservation Capital was created to provide a unique but sound financial foundation through diversification and education while managing your wealth and its longevity.



Preservation Capital

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At Preservation Capital we know of no one else that does what we do.  Preservation Capital is a unique financial service offering providing protection of your wealth through a process providing diversification not found in the mainstream.

We offer education to assist you in making decisions to protect your wealth and that of your family because we understand what is upon us and how to deal with it.

Combining a rarely used but proven money management system with hard assets like gold and silver allows you to not only survive but thrive when the financial tsunami appears.  

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Growth Will Come But Preservation Is The Cornerstone

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Daryl Cooper

I have lived my entire life in Saskatchewan and am blessed to be in the position I am in today. I grew up in a small town south of Saskatoon. I farmed on weekends and holidays with my family for many years as well as worked in the financial services industry.

I started my career in finance in 1980 with CIBC and left the banking business in 1995 to form Cooper Wealth Management with BMO Nesbitt Burns in Saskatoon. I attained my discretionary Portfolio Manager designation in 2007 and successfully managed a portfolio of $225 million for individuals, families, and small businesses. I moved my practice to ScotiaMcLeod in 2012 and retired from the business in February 2019. 


Throughout my 24-year run as head of Cooper Wealth Management, I went through many good times and many corrections including two major stock market crashes, the dot-com bubble - 2001-2003, and the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009.

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You learn a lot when you walk through the fire with your clients in times like that but the 2008 crash, and especially the aftermath taught me more about the stock market than everything I had learned before. Bottom line, 2008 should have been our generation's 1929 but the powers that be wouldn’t let it happen which has created the crisis we will see play out in the near future. 


I made the decision to come out of retirement because I want to help people prepare for what is ahead of us in the financial markets. I want to bring the experience and knowledge I gained over those 38 years and know that I can help people to survive the inevitable meltdown that is coming our way.

Meet Daryl

Meet The Team

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Michaela Melynchuk

Executive Assistant

Michaela was born and raised in Saskatoon and has lived in Saskatchewan her entire life. Michaela spent numerous years in business and office management prior to graduating with a Financial Services Diploma from Saskpolytech in 2019. She has been Daryl’s Executive Assistant at Preservation Capital right from the beginning of March 2022 and is enjoying her multiple roles in making sure the clients and the business details are well taken care of. 

Michaela is married and is a joyful stepmother to her stepson. She enjoys fishing, snowmobiling, archery, and walking dogs.  She looks forward to working and helping clients achieve their financial goals and has peace of mind knowing the firm she is working for aligns with her values.

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